Announce an event

To make an announcement, try to make it short and informative. Help your colleagues by telling them what exactly is the event, when and how it takes place, who to contact for inquiries and where to find supplementary material relevant for that exact event.

Only the contact person is responsible of the announcement and of the event.

Please contact one of the admins, either by e-mail or through the contact form available below, and provide the following mandatory details:

  • The title of the event
  • A short description of the event (seminar, conference, invited talk, etc)
  • Date and time when the event is supposed to take place. (If the event is one in a series, like for example a talk in a seminar, then announce strictly the talk.)
  • Contact person (name or email) or contact page (if you have a web page with contact data).
  • if it is possible, how can an interested member participate to the event (for example: mail to the contact person, or use this link, or …)
  • supplementary data: (links to slides, articles, other sites, which contain information about the precise event).

Contact the admins by e-mail at:,

Or use the following contact form:

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