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Invited Talks

  • Moscow-Beijing Topology seminar: On the different flavours of Lawrence-Bigelow representations

    Wednesday 2 December 2020, 10:30am Moscow time (9:30am Bucharest time)

    Invited talk at the Moscow-Beijing Topology seminar.

    Speaker: Martin Palmer-Anghel (IMAR)

    Title: On the different flavours of Lawrence-Bigelow representations

    Abstract: The family of Lawrence-Bigelow representations of the braid groups are of central importance in the study of the braid groups themselves, as well as their connections with quantum invariants of knots and links. They are an example of a wider class of homological representations of mapping class groups of surfaces, arising from twisted homology of configuration spaces. These homological representations come in many different flavours, depending on the kind of homology theory used, whether we forget part of the boundary or consider homology relative to part of the boundary, and whether we consider twisted homology or instead the homology of an associated covering space.

    We will describe these different constructions of homological representations, and then explain the fundamental relationships between them in terms of non-degenerate pairings, embeddings and isomorphisms. In many cases, the representations are free (as modules), and we will also describe, pictorially, explicit bases for these representations.

    This represents joint work with Cristina Anghel and is based on

    Contact person: Martin Palmer-Anghel (

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Moduli and Friends

  • Moduli and Friends Seminar: this week’s talks

    Two talks in the seminar series “Moduli and Friends”, the working seminar of the grant project PCE-2020-2798.

    Contact person: Martin Palmer-Anghel (

    Seminar webpage:

    Location: online (connection details on request)

    Thursday, June 17, 2021, 15:00 EEST (UTC+3)

    Title: Configuration spaces and embedding calculus, I

    Speaker: Geoffroy Horel (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord)

    Thursday, June 17, 2021, 16:30 EEST (UTC+3)

    Title: Quantum invariants via the topology of configuration spaces, I: Link invariants

    Speaker: Cristina Palmer-Anghel (University of Oxford / IMAR)

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Operator Theory

  • Operator Theory Seminar: Entanglement criteria in quantum information theory

    Wednesday, June 9th, 2021, 15:00

    A presentation given at the Operator theory seminar.

    Speaker: Maria Jivulescu (Politehnica University, Timisoara)

    Title: Entanglement criteria in quantum information theory

    Abstract: In my talk I will recall basic facts about separable/entanglement quantum states and the main classical criteria for distinguish them.

    Then I will focus on a new introduced class of entanglement criteria based on applying local contractions to an input state and computing the projective tensor norm of the output. The idea is based on introducing the notion of entanglement testers, which captures in a unique framework entanglement criteria as realignment and SIC POVM .

    This is a joint work with Cecilia Lancien and Ion Nechita arXiv:2010.06365.

    Zoom link:

    Contact person: Dan Timotin (

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  • Topology Seminar: Algebra and topology of group extensions

    Friday, June 25, 2021, 16:30 (Bucharest time), on Zoom

    A presentation given at the Topology Seminar.

    Speaker: Alexander Suciu (Northeastern University)

    Title: Algebra and topology of group extensions

    Abstract: I will present a study of the lower central series, the Alexander invariants, and the cohomology jump loci of groups arising as extensions with trivial monodromy in first homology with appropriate coefficients.

    Contact person: Radu Popescu (

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Zoom Algebraic Geometry Seminar (ZAG)

  • ZAG Seminar: this week talks

    This week we will have two ZAG seminar talks.

    Contact person: Florin Ambro (

    Tuesday, 15 June 2021, 11:00 GMT.
    Speaker: Eveline Legendre (University of Toulouse)
    Title: Valuative stability for polarised varieties

    Abstract: I will talk about a recent joint work with Ruadhai Dervan where we introduced a notion of valuative stability for polarised variety. This extends Fujita’s valuative stability of Fano varieties. We show that valuative stability is equivalent to K-stability with respect to test configurations with integral central fibre.

    Zoom Meeting ID: 991 849 3831
    Zoom link:
    Host: Ivan Cheltsov

    Thursday, 17 June 2021, 16:00 GMT.
    Speaker: Paolo Cascini (Imperial College London)
    Title: Birational geometry of foliations on a complex threefold

    Abstract: Many results in the classical minimal model program, such as the existence of flips and the base point free theorem, admit a natural generalisation to the category of foliations defined over a complex threefold. Other results, instead, seem to behave differently, such as existence of flops and canonical models. I will survey about some of the recent progress in this direction. Joint work with C. Spicer.

    Zoom Meeting ID: 991 849 3831
    Zoom link:
    Host: Nikolaos Tziolas

    Each Zoom Meeting requires a different password. Please send an email to Florin Ambro for the password.
    Please join Zoom meetings with your first and last name, and mute your microphone. Please do not share the passwords and zoom links in social media to avoid Zoom bombing.

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